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The Best of the Pain Relief Project

Download the Top 10 audio presentations (and transcripts) of the best experts who can assist with getting and keeping you pain-free.

Learn what pain really is, how it can help you, what you can do to reduce and eliminate the common causes of pain, and how to prevent pain in the future. These are incredible messages for anyone interested in creating maximum health and vitality! Enjoy our 2015 Pain Relief Project’s Best of the Best as our gift to you!

The Best of the Pain Relief Project

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Expert Talk: Sayer Ji 
Using the Scientific Literature to Support Longevity

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Expert Talk: Eric Zielinski, DC Essential Oils and Successful Aging

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Expert Talk: David Jockers Super Brain, Longevity and Anti-Aging

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Expert Talk: Dave Asprey Bulletproof Approach to Longevity and Anti-Aging

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Expert Talk: KP Khalsa Ayurvedic Way to Longevity and Healthy Aging

The Centre for Epigenetic Expression

Your Host, The Centre for Epigenetic Expression

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The Centre for Epigenetic Expression is a chiropractic think-tank created by Drs. Wanda Lee MacPhee, Michael Acanfora and Noah De Koyer. We are wellness-based chiropractors with a combined 40+ years of experience working with tens of thousands of patients in Nova Scotia, Canada, and Hudson County, NJ, USA.

We desire to help humanity live an innately healthy lifestyle, and are passionate about bridging the gap between the Chiropractic Lifestyle, the Holistic Wellness Community and the those who are hungry for a better life. Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire our global community, thereby facilitating the active unfoldment of human potential.

This is the second project from the Centre. The first was The Pain Relief Project: Natural Solutions that Actually Work, released in January 2015. We launched a weekly podcast in late 2015, and “Beyond Your Wildest Genes” quickly became listed as new and noteworthy on iTunes and is listened to by more than 50,000 (and growing) people worldwide in just a few months!  Thank you for supporting our vision of a healthier world.

We invite you to share in our knowledge and benefit from our mission.

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